“As Our School Bus Turns”: Nick’s Pint-Sized Sitcom


Nickelodeon had so many beloved sitcoms in the 90’s, both animated and live action. But today I offer a salute to a very unique show- one that, despite its size, left big memories in many of us. Remember that short where the kid was tempted to eat his friend’s triple decker sandwich? If so, hit the jump and take a turn back in time complete with Episode Guide.

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Epic Episodes: The Real Ghostbusters- “Janine, You’ve Changed”

Welcome to Epic Episodes, another hopefully recurring feature where we examine notable episodes of TV shows. This first installment is on what I feel is one of TV animation’s best metafictional episodes.

Recent events have shown that trying to discuss the role of women in “Ghostbusters” is like someone with a papercut asking for a band-aid and having gasoline, lighted matches, and oily rags thrown at them in response. But if I have to get oily rags thrown at me, bring ‘em on. Today, we’re talking about The Real Ghostbusters and Janine.


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