Razor Candy Reviews: Survivors’ Club and Kundo: Age of the Rampant

Survivors Club 1Survivors’ Club 1-6
DC Vertigo
Art: Ryan Kelly
Writing: Lauren Beukes and Dale Halverson
Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz

If you’ve kept up with non-superhero comics in the past few years, you know the High Concept Kids, that IP-obsessed band of visitors using comics as barely disguised pitches for movies or TV shows. Survivor’s Club isn’t quite that, but it ain’t quite quill, either. The story is halfway between the High Concept and the mash-up: six survivors of adolescent horror movie trauma gather to discover that the Past Isn’t Past. The tribute to B-horror is the biggest draw here, but there are enough smart inversions and twists on well-worn tropes to sustain interest. A young boy suspecting his attractive neighbor of seducing and killing victims doesn’t find a Fright Night vampire, but a ravenous insect queen who turns him into a walking hive. Girls live alongside J-horror vengeance spirits and killer dolls, carrying them into adulthood. And in the story’s loopiest thread, a South African gamer finds that the Polybius-like haunted arcade game that destroyed her childhood is still alive and searching rebirth on the internet.

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