“As Our School Bus Turns”: Nick’s Pint-Sized Sitcom


Nickelodeon had so many beloved sitcoms in the 90’s, both animated and live action. But today I offer a salute to a very unique show- one that, despite its size, left big memories in many of us. Remember that short where the kid was tempted to eat his friend’s triple decker sandwich? If so, hit the jump and take a turn back in time complete with Episode Guide.

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De-BOOK-le: The Paperbackening

Welcome to a brand-new feature on our blog, exploring the endlessly bizarre world of paperback horror books. They’re always trashy, always flashy, and often hilarious.



Joel: I feel like a sasquatch love story should have a more distinctive title than “Monster.”

Roxie: Clearly this tagline is trying to invoke “King Kong,” but if there’s one thing we need less than tacky taglines, it’s another version of “King Kong!”

Joel: I thought it was trying to play off of “Music tamed the savage beast,” like in the old Warner Bros. cartoons. Like, maybe she plays toccatas for him? Or maybe he does. The reflective sunset suggests he’s working on a concerto and sipping wine while pining for his lost love.

Roxie: He remembers the soft caress of her lovely arms, as he rammed them down his gullet and ate her.

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