A lost Nickelodeon short, finally unearthed


Fresh from the Nickelodeon Creative Lab comp reel, “Innie and Outie,” Nick’s infamous ‘belly button’ short, has finally been found. And now you can finally remember the title. Film is linked below.

Thanks to everyone at the Lost Media Archive and Youtube user MissLizzie2007 for this! It’s still just as weird as I remember.



  1. empathylouis · June 7

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out. When you were younger did you ever see a Nick short that involved the perfect kid’s sandwich? It was about a kid who made the perfect sandwich. He took a nap on the bus, so his friend eats it. His friend then spends the rest of the short trying to recreate the sandwich from other kid’s stuff, but fails spectacularly. I believe this may have been a Snick Snack specifically called ‘As Our Schoolbus Turns’. The old alt Nick site had someone mention 5 episodes created, but three currently are online. Overall, thank you!


    • razorcandyblog · June 7

      Hey! I am glad you wrote in, I know EXACTLY what short you mean. It was in fact, “As our School Bus Turns.” That specific short, with the sandwich, is on the Paley Center’s Creative Lab Comp Reel. Maybe you could go there and request to watch it in NY or LA? I hope so! The other shorts in the series I know of are the girl trying to say hi to the boy she likes, the same girl wondering about her birthday party, and Fenris, the kid in the “Sandwich” short, talking so much that he stops a bully from bullying him. There must be one out there that I can’t put my finger on, but do let me know if you remember it. I hope you checked out my other article on Short Films by Short People, and I have another one coming up on lost Nick films like “Cry Baby Lane” and “The Electric Piper.”
      Keep in touch and thanks for reading,


      • empathylouis · June 7

        I don’t know if my reply to this response went through this morning, but I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I’ve spent over 16 years trying to find this short, but I never came across it and most people on the forums that I’ve been on never remembered it. I’ll definitely try to get to LA or NY to watch it. It’s a really big goal of mine to see it again. I actually read your article about ‘Short Films by Short People’. It was really informative and the descriptions of the shorts match my own recollection from the last time I saw them in the late 90s. Until then, I’m trying to also find more shorts of ‘Natalie’s Backseat Traveling Webshow’, since it was so integral to the Nick website. Plus, I live in San Antonio and one of the episodes was about going to San Antonio, so that’s pretty interesting for me. Overall, thank you for all your help and for the great content!


    • razorcandyblog · August 7

      Hey! Got an all “As Our School Bus Turns” article up!


  2. razorcandyblog · June 8

    You are very welcome! I know what it’s like to be hunting for a certain video for such a long time, so I am very happy to have helped. If you are able to make it to the Paley Center, please drop us a line here! I hope you can fulfill your goal soon.


  3. Tiny · August 27

    The Nicksplat youtube channel is posting all the Snick Snack videos.


    • razorcandyblog · September 17

      Yeah, I’ve been finding them online! Thanks a lot for the tip, though! Updates coming soon to my episode guide.


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