Thank you for stumbling across our blog and giving us your time. You may be wondering just who we here at Razor Candy are, and what we’re all about, so here’s the brief version:

WHO WE ARE: We are Joel and Roxie, a guy and girl who grew up in the totally radical 90’s. We decided to share our observations about what we grew up on, the culture of our transitional years, and the current stuff we totally love. If we find something to be creepy, fun, weird, controversial, or all of the above, we like to discuss that topic and share it with people like you.

WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT: Our name comes from the urban legend of people putting razors in Halloween candy. Not only do we both love halloween, we’re trying to do something a little different when we talk about 90’s culture and nostalgia. Or hell, even stuff from the 80’s and backward. We love this stuff (it’s how we met!), but we’re not just  yearning for “the good ol’ days”. We want to focus on the stuff that scared us during our formative years, and things that make you say “How did anyone come up with that? Who was this intended for?” For example, consider the banned “Darkwing Duck” episode where the characters summon Satan. Heard about that one? Yes, it’s real, and we’re doing a post on it! But we’re talking about new stuff too: Wrestling! Cartoons! Music, TV, the perils of tourism, and so much more!

In short…

  • If you watch horror films for characterization and dialogue,
  • If, when you heard about “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, thought it was at least a good idea for a horror video game because HOLY CRAP, CHUCK E. CHEESE ROBOTS ARE SCARY AND WHY ARE THEY STILL AROUND,
  • If you think the Pog, the “Mr. Belvedere Fun Kit”and the “David Lynch’s Dune Coloring Book” are fascinating anthropological finds that should be treasured by the ages,
  • If you ever wished you didn’t have to ‘ironically’ like something goofy, and wanted just like it out in the open….

….You’re going to be right at home.


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